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DIY Clothes


DIY Refashioning dress that doesn't fit your style with silk scarf sewingDIY repair selfmade shirts little holes snails             DIY Repair shirts with holes selfmade recycling

DIY bring old shoes to new life refashioning DIY Refashioning neckline from shirt  upcycling recycling reuse clothes              DIY Refashioning How to make a loose shirt tighter and add lace waistband

DIY Refashioning boring shirt with black paint and laceDIY Refashioning leggings into leg warmers knee socks DIY Refashioning shirt neckline decollete

DIY Refashioning Tutorial How To Knit dress asymmetrical shirtDIY Refashioning Tutorial How to make too tight / small shorts jeans bigger to fit

DIY Accessories 

DIY Friendship bracelet paw pattern        DIY jewelry project braclet with beads selfmade  


DIY Decorations & other stuff

DIY Selfmade Tutorial How To Make Window Curtain ScreensDIY selfmade car bag from old pants recycling

                     DIY birthday present card grandpa geburtstag geschenkkarte selbstgemacht