DIY easy fabric covered pattern weights

My sewing life is just so much easier since I use pattern weights.

Honestly, if you don't own them yet, you have to go immediately and grab some.
But there's no need to spend a lot of money on them. And no need to take a lot of time for this project.

Which is exactly why this is such a short post. Instead of wasting another precious 10 minutes of your life reading another unnecessarily long blogpost, go ahead and JUST - DO - IT !

Also yes, there are quite some similar posts about this idea out there. But I find that some things just can't be told enough, especially if they make life so much easier as this. So feel free to skip this, but if you are late to the pattern-weight-party (as I am!) and haven't heard about them yet, this may be just right for you.

DIY easy fabric covered pattern weights using leftover fabric scraps

Materials needed for DIY fabric covered pattern weights

  • Big washers - and I mean really big. Talking about 6 or 8 cm diameter.
    Or go through your household stuff and see if you find something else, that will work. It has to be quite heavy, not too small or too big. Stones would work as well. It does not need to be flat. 
  • Fabric leftovers. I find stretchy light knits work best. Use a fabric you love, as you will look at them often! 
  • The usual basic handsewing equipment - in this case I mean a needle, thread and scissors. 

DIY easy fabric covered pattern weights using leftover fabric scraps
This is what the bottom will look like

How to make your own pattern weights

Now be aware, this is as simple as it gets. 
Cut a piece of fabric, cover your washer with it and close it with a few stitches. 
Done. Whew! 

Further ideas

  • Embroidery / Embellishment
  • Stuff it (a lot sewists love the doughnut pattern weights) 
  • A two-in-one product combining the weight with a pincushion
  • Or attach something to it so you can put your wonder clips onto it

I really need to buy a few more washers and try out my ideas. 

What do you use as pattern weights? 

DIY easy fabric covered pattern weights using leftover fabric scraps

Also, Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Yes I do have made a special christmas dress. But you still have to wait to see it until this new pattern is released (which will be soon) ;-)