Moving - Our new house! Part 2 (ground floor)

In this post I'll show you the ground floor of our new house.
In case you've missed it, the first part was all about the upper floor.

Let's start with... 

New house interior kitchen inspiration ideas

The kitchen

We really did an amazing part on the lighting. The fridge is just enormous. I love that it has so much space. It's split in four sections, the two top ones are cooling, the bottom left is freezing. The bottom right one can be adjusted as you want to freeze or cool and with the exact temperature you want. It also has an ice cube machine and water cooler/dispenser included.
In our flat the counter was wooden, which is truly horrible. I'd recommend nothing but stone to anyone who asks. You can cut on it, it's clean and easy to clean. Also important that the stove is built-in even, as this makes cleaning just so much easier, there is no gap where dirt aggravates.
And in my opinion a kitchen can never have enough space. Here are many drawers where a lot of kitchen supplies and (left to the fridge) food can be stored.
Right next to the fridge is our secret door to the larder. So well integrated!
I am also very proud of the small table. It's perfect for a little breakfast or snack, when you don't want to set up the dining room.

House interior dining room ideas inspiration table bench

Dining room space

First, that's Kleopatra (Kleo). That's not a grimace, she was just yawning. 
As common our dining and living room are combined. Excuse the cat transport box and the files in the back, I don't care about making those perfect pictures you usually find (who lives that way??). 
One chair missing. The table is suited for 8 people and all 8 of them have enough space. It's made out of european walnut as I just love the precious look of it. We thought long about the fabric. In our flat couch and chairs were covered with leather. With two cats, leather doesn't stay pretty very long. With fabric the problem is more pulling strings or rip it, as well as - guess what - the hair thing. Microfibre is easy to clean (hair will not stick to it) and depending on which type exactly the strings cannot be pulled. With this fabric here the problem is, cats can scratch it. We already have two little holes in it *sigh*. Before anyone feels the need to say something, they don't scratch it on purpose, this just happens while they play. 

House interior cat scratching tree ideas inspiration

The new cat tree

I have to say, we thought about the cats at every step at planning, I mean every step planning the whole house! As they love being in high places, we got this big shelf and to give them easy access the big cat tree. The tree is almost 1,80m high and I can't tell you how much they love it.
Look closely and you'll see Eleonore (Elli).

House interior TV television space ideas inspiration

The living room TV

Maybe you too have a partner who wants the biggest and/or best TV available. Well, I have. This one is a very new OLED with best reviews (the black is pure black) and no, that doesn't just look like it, it's big. I don't remember exactly, I think something about 70 inches.
I don't want to say anything more on this part.

House interior ideas inspiration office room gaming space

My PC space

This is pretty important to me. Back in our flat I had only very little space for my PC and anyone who loves to play video games will know how horrible too little space is.
As you can guess this is more than enough space.
I told you we planned everything thinking of the cats. Because of that the PCs are hidden under the desk, exposed enough to keep ventilation up. No cables except on the desk are shown - Elli loves to bite into them.
By the way, we made our watercooled PCs by ourselfes, they are best suited for gaming.

One more thing, if anyone has cable-eating cats too and knows of other ways to protect the cables that cannot be hidden, please share!

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