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DIY leggings into leg warmers / knee socks

Another very old item I bought many years ago and never wore it. These leggings are from H&M bought at that time when leggings got popular again.

But as you can see here a little bit, they are too tight at the hips for me. And please notice that I already opened the seam at the back but it still almost hurts wearing them.
I thought of different options like just making it wider at the hips or making gloves out of it. Then I chose making leg warmers as I needed thin ones.

You'll need a sewing machine for this (or do it by hand if you like) and some studs if you want to embellish them like I did.

You can either part the two legs by cutting along the middle seam or let them together for the first step. Which is cutting the length you need.
I measured my thigh high which is about 35cm from ankle to bottom of knee cap. Then I added a few cm to that to let it sit loose if I want. I didn't care about the exact length. If you do, be sure to add 0,5cm for seam allowance on the ope…

Refashioning: Knit dress goes asymmetrical

So I had this knit dress. As most of my refashioning items this too is very old, I guess I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago. Loved wearing it to work with tights and nice boots or heels, but since I started studying I never wore it again. I realized I hate the collar. It feels like a turtleneck and I didn't like the look of it. 

It was on my refashioning stash for quite some time and I looked at it very often but never saw what I wanted to change. Last week I tried again and finally got some thoughts of what it should become.

First I removed the small belt loops it had at the sides waist high. I didn't need them anymore.

This was the easy part, haha.  I quickly decided I just want a normal round collar. So I only had to tuck the fabric into the hole for the head and pin it, followed then by the hard part: the sewing. 

Have you sewn a knit fabric? I haven't, all my experience in sewing was with woven fabrics. Until this delightful project came up. Now I have a normal sewin…

Outfit: All black inspired by anime yet ready for school

This is the outfit I wore at the first round of the SPH bandcontest 2017 (I showed you some photos in the march update post).

High heels: by monster, bought in 2011 for approx. €80 (my first christmas money from work hehe)
Knee high socks: from H&M, bought last year
Skirt: from Orsay, bought many years ago (I guess 2007 or 2008)
Shirt: sadly I don't remember
Choker: not quite sure, was it from Claire's?
Blue hair dye: Elumen BB

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Moving - Our new house! Part 2 (ground floor)

In this post I'll show you the ground floor of our new house.
In case you've missed it, the first part was all about the upper floor.

Let's start with... 

The kitchen We really did an amazing part on the lighting. The fridge is just enormous. I love that it has so much space. It's split in four sections, the two top ones are cooling, the bottom left is freezing. The bottom right one can be adjusted as you want to freeze or cool and with the exact temperature you want. It also has an ice cube machine and water cooler/dispenser included.
In our flat the counter was wooden, which is truly horrible. I'd recommend nothing but stone to anyone who asks. You can cut on it, it's clean and easy to clean. Also important that the stove is built-in even, as this makes cleaning just so much easier, there is no gap where dirt aggravates.
And in my opinion a kitchen can never have enough space. Here are many drawers where a lot of kitchen supplies and (left to the fridge) foo…