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DIY - How to make small Shorts bigger!

I have two very old jeans, not wearable for years as they are ripped at the backside. And they also are too small for me now. One of them was perfect to turn into shorts and here's how I did that.

I started with this long jeans, ripped at the backside. It is also a little bit too small for me now.

Shorten it, fix the hole, then make it wider.

Ideas on how to make it wider:
I thought about adding a stripe at the very back to both make it wider and get rid of the hole, but I'm pretty sure that would have looked awkward. And the pockets would have been brought outwards which would also look kind of weird.
The only possible solution was to add stripes at the sides as everywhere else are pockets.

Step 1: Shortening First step was to make it short. Gladly I could still put them on (just no button closing and looks horrible) and mark with tailor's chalk how short I want them. Other ways would be to take a short you already own as a pattern or just do it free-handed. If yo…

Outfit - Classic plaid shirt + black shirt, jeans and boots

Tried combination with a new shirt, which is open in the back.  I'd call it a dark, grunge outfit yet classy enough for everyday wear, haha. 
Black shirt: from RE-BELLO (italian company producing fair, organic clothes), bought at Wearfair 2016 (in Austria). It is open in the back and has a very loose fit.  Plaid shirt: classic, nothing special, I think from VERO MODA.  Jeans: also nothing special, old, cheap ones from orsay.  Shoes: cheap and quite some years old, they are from Deichmann.  Necklace: honestly don't remember, some junk jewelry.  Lips: 4LK Lipstick pure red Hairstyle: nice and sleek haha - nooo that's not greasy ;-D

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