Moving - Our new house! Part 1 (upper floor)

As I told you in my December Update, we moved into our new house and I promised some pictures.
Finally I was able to shoot some!

May I proudly present to you...

Our upper floor! 

Dressing room

The dressing room!

In our flat we had a double wall closet. We both don't have that many clothes (more than you can see in this picture, it's not all here yet), so it wasn't really a space problem. But the proportioning was so bad that we just felt like it's not enough space. Imagine, I had one drawer approx. 30x50x30cm for all socks, panties, bras...
So yeah, we will never be able to fill the dressing room with only clothes. We will never own that much, we both prefer to keep clothes for a long time and don't buy very much.
It's just so nice to have everything clean and separated. On the right is another element with bags, bagpacks. There's a really very big mirror on the wall to the right.
And I keep all my makeup in the medially white element. Behind that there will be a little stool once I bought one were I can sit and put on my makeup. I already have  a small mirror with LEDs and 10x magnification which stands in the middle.

Laundry space

The laundry space!

 I've spent years trying to be "ecologically correct" and thinking that everything conventional is evil.
One of the results was always dirty clothes, smelling musty. I now checked the ingredients of all my different organic detergents (and I have a lot because I tried them all to find one that actually gets my clothes clean) and I checked the ingredients of normal detergents. They are literally the same. Little differents in how many enzymes, how many actives, and which scents are used. Besides that, you see the same chemical names.
And we have two cats hairy as hell. Cat owners will know, the hair is everywhere. You breathe it, you eat it and you always have it on your clothes. Now the thing is, we both almost only were black. Grey hair on black clothes, don't need to tell you what that looks like. So every day we spend quite some minutes with those sticky tapes trying to get the hair off our clothes. In the last years I bought so many of those tapes, I guess I need a new one like every week or so. Quite a lot of trash. Tried a dryer now and I regret nothing. It's a miracle.

On the other side of the room there's this:

Sewing / DIY space

My holy space! 

Here I'll make my future projects. So nice and clean and with so much space for my stuff. Yay!
Of course there's a good office chair and I swear to you, that desk is so big! It's 2m long and the width is 1m. So nice to lay out fabric, messure it, mark it, cut it. There's place to put my stuff everywhere!

Bathroom (shower part)

The bathroom!

Years ago I had a headache almost every day. Probably migrane, though never diagnosed or treated. Typical painkillers didn't help. Sometimes some sleep brought relief. And all relaxing things. Such as a shower. Now I know usually a bath is considered to be more relaxing than a shower. Try and sit down and let the water pour over your head. Think of it as if the water washes all the bad stuff away. Nothing more relaxing than that. 
I'm so glad nowadays I only have a headache about once a week or even less and it's not that painful anymore. If I have one, a shower still helps a lot. 

The other awesome thing in our bathroom: 

Cabinet (under the sinks) 
We used oak for the floor and almost all furniture is made out of european walnut.
But the cabinets in our bathroom are out of very rough brushed oak. Look at that texture! It's so beautiful and gives me such an exotic feeling even though the wood comes from Europe.

Hallway upper floor

The hallway!

One  thing left that I want to show. See that drawer I pulled out a bit? Our laundry lands here from the bathroom. Yes there's a connection in the wall. If you noticed there is a little door in the bathroom left to the shower and right to the cabinet. That's the connection.
The drawer is rollable and the door to the laundry room is at the opposite wall. 

That's it for now. Part 2 with some groundfloor pictures will follow soon. 


  1. Meine liebe Minn, Du hast ein wunderschönes Haus mit einem dressing room! (!!!). Wie kann man angesichts dessen frustriert sein? ;-)) Liebste Grüße

    1. Danke liebe Pia, das Haus bereitet mir wirklich große Freude (alles andere wäre aber auch anmaßend, hihi). Wie das nunmal so ist, es gibt halt leider immer irgendetwas, das besser sein könnte ;-)
      LG Minn


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