DIY inspirations - Crafts

Lately I showed you some DIY inspirations:

This one is all about crafts!

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That looks so soft, I really urgently need a pom pom rug. All you need is some wool and such a carpet underlay. Both of them you can get at many stores for cheap.
I already bought a carpet underlay (will use it also for regular bought carpets) 3 rolls at Ikea (don't remember the price, but they were pretty cheap). And I also bought a pack of black wool (really soft one). Hope I'll try that soon, need to find time, and of course I'll show you the result!

I love nature and things found in nature and decoration made out of things found in nature. And I have a new house which still needs a lot of decoration! Yay! That just screams to try out this one. I think it looks really special yet is made so easily and cheap.
All you need are twigs, found literally everywhere, and something like an old glass or jar to glue it onto. Done!

These matchboxes are just so cute. Perfect as a little present.
They are originally made by an artist, to just show us how awesome he is. Yep, I think it works. Those are great pieces of art, very inspirational.
Anyone of us can do that too, although maybe it just won't look thaaat professional, but hey, it's made with love, isn't it?
You'll need a pack of matches and something to write, paint, however change it. Be creative, or use these ones as guides.

These look pretty easy to make and are a beautiful decoration for New Year, don't you think?
Colourful paper, some yarn, scissors, glue and maybe a pen are needed. The guidance is very clear and understandable and I don't think anyone can get this wrong. This year is the chinese year of the rooster and I think these cute ones fit perfectly to that kind of celebration?

Who hasn't a lot of old socks? Singles? Or fabric leftovers? And look at how cute these kitties are. I need one. Probably more. Oh I just love cats.
Just fabric, needle and thread, scissors and the goggly eyes are needed for this one. Of course enough of the ingredients to make several of the kitties. I imagine them as great toys for children, adults that are still children, cute decorations, and maybe put some valerian inside and use it as a cat toy?

Tell me this isn't the cutest planter you've ever seen? Also it's kind of a bit recycling which I think is always good and it looks easy and fun to make. I saw those also in different animals, as almost everything (or everything) is possible to make here. But as cats are my favourites, of course it has to be cats for me.
We all have plastic bottles and if you don't have a Stanley knife you can also use plain scissors and cut it into shape. Spray paint and pens in the right colours are available everywhere and horray - the DIY cute cat planter is finished.

More decorations and pretty boxes!!!
I usually don't eat Pringles. But I think I have to get a box just to make this cutey. Of course the Pringles themselves will be eaten, though I prefer more natural chips. I already have the right lace that is perfect for this. About the flowers I'm not quite sure, maybe I'll dry some roses in the coming year. The Paper I'll get when I start the project.

In my teens I loved dream catchers so much, I had them everywhere.
Now I still love them. And I plan on making some by myself. There are a lot tutorials out there on how to make them. This one is just for me to remember the basic pattern of the inside strings. I'll decide then were to put beads or feathers or tassels. Just can be sure mine will be black. No other colour in my life needed, hehe!

With cats, plants are a bit difficult. Especially cacti (and poison plants). Especially when you have imprudent cats. Especially when one of your cats tries to eat everything green (even pineapple leaves). By the way, if anyone needs a guide on which plants are good and bad for cats, especially plants you want to keep in the house and balcony, I can write about that. I've done quite some research here to not poison my kitties and would be glad to share it with you.
Anyways, this DIY looks fun, I love painting and it saves me the trouble of watering them correctly (hehe). Yes, I killed many cacti in my life. First I mean too good and water them way too much and when I realize that they start to moulder, I completely stop watering them and after some months... Well, many many months, they are usually pretty dead.
I now there is that story, where cacti left in a basement for many years still lived and I know with some types it is possible. But this doesn't happen with every type of cacti, some of them are more resistent and other aren't.

So far, so good!
Not sure, if this is the last DIY inspirations post, but we will see...