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How To Make Felt Star Earrings Within 5 Minutes

Making your own jewelry is very easy. Here's how to make star earrings out of a felt strip with a pattern. 

This tutorial shows how to make earrings in under 5 minutes - yes, it's that fast!

What you'll needFelt strip with a cut out pattern like a star as I usedEar hookMetal jump rings ScissorPliers

Cut out what you want to have on your earring.

Use the pliers to open a ring. 

Attach your pendant to the ring - don't close it yet! 

Also attach the ear hook to the ring and now close it with the pliers. 

Your earring is finished!  See, this is very easy and fast. 
If you want, you can attach more in a row. 

If you try this, take a picture and show me!

Which motif would you like as an earring?

Have a craftyful day,

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