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DIY Friendship Bracelet - Cat Paw Pattern

Ideas on how to make DIY friendship bracelets with a cat paw pattern.

Do you love cats as much as I do? Then make this friendship bracelet with a cat paw pattern! 
Yeah, I know, I love almost every animal. But for me there is something special about cats. They have such strong minds, they are fluffy killer machines and, as science will find out in 2017, they really love us ;-)
Maybe you can already guess this. I have two cats, adorable sisters. They are chartreuxs, which is a kind of royal breed in my opinion. 
It has been a long time that I wanted to show my love and make a friendship-bracelett with the paw pattern. 

What you need: The pattern. As said I used the paw pattern, which you can find here.
By the way, I find it is a very easy to use pattern. There are knot instructions below to help if you don't know the different knots. 8 strings. 3 in one colour for the paws (I used grey here, obviously because my cats are grey) and 5 in another colour for the background (a royal blue was …

Welcome - The Beginning Of Minns Things

Hello! I see, you have managed to get to my first post. 
Welcome at Minns Things!   Here I want to share the things I do, make and love with you.
Have fun and, of course, feel free to comment! 

Have a relaxed day,  Minn