Sewing for autumn and winter: Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt

Here's one very new pattern: The Ali Sweatshirt by Sew Diy (click)!
It's a loose fit sweatshirt and could become your new best friend for the upcoming autumn and winter.

Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt sewing pattern made by Minnsthings


Sewing a Suki Kimono - Pattern by Helen's Closet

As a longterm Japan - and everything that has to do with japanese culture - fan you can bet I have a thing for kimonos as well. So of course, when I hear the words 'kimono' and 'sewing pattern' together, a loud alarm inside my head goes off.

No wonder I had to try Helen's Closet Suki Kimono sewing pattern (click)!

Helen's Closet Suki Kimono sewing pattern made by Minnsthings


Sewing the Penny Leggings by Sinclair Patterns

(* Affiliate link - see page bottom)

I was recently gifted the Penny Leggings* (click) from Sinclair Patterns, but as usual you'll find nothing but my honest opinions here. In fact this pattern found me at just the right time. I am in desperate need of more pants, especially ones for higher temperatures.

sewing penny leggings sinclair patterns back bootie view
Back view first because why not? I love how there are no underwear lines showing thanks to my GC No Show Thongs (click to view).


Spring Sewing a Bell Sleeve Top (Ellie & Mac pattern)

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A new top made out of beautiful soft fabric was just what I needed. Add bell sleeves and a lot of lace and it becomes my new favourite garment.

This post is part of the Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour, which was hosted by Seams Sew Lo (click)Ellie and Mac* (click) were so kind to let us choose a pattern for free. Be sure though to find only my honest opinion here.


New year new sew: My Dirndl-style inspired Orla Dress

I did it again - I made another Orla Dress!

Aaand welcome everyone to the new year. Starting it with a new sew seems apposite. That's why this post is part of the January Sewing By Ti Blog Tour (more on that below)!

But wait, Minn, this pattern isn't new to you!?

Well, yes dear. Last summer I made this cute knit kitty knitty Orla Dress (click).


Sewing the Lou Box Dress 2 (Sew DIY Pattern)

Do you love drapey fabrics? Loose fit but a defined waist? Maybe even a low back?
Then this dress might be the one for you!

Sewing pattern Lou Box Dress 2 by Sew DIY


Sewing Greenstyle Creations' Green Tee

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Last summer I sewed this Green Tee by Greenstyle Creations* (click). Sorry it took me so long to finally make photos and show you! 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt