Sewing the Penny Leggings by Sinclair Patterns

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Are you afraid of sewing pants? Well, fear no more - start small with easy projects like leggings and step-by-step work your way up to those jeans!

I was recently gifted the Penny Leggings* from Sinclair Patterns, but as usual you'll find nothing but my honest opinions here. In fact this pattern found me at just the right time. I am in desperate need of more pants, especially ones for higher temperatures.

I have a goodie for you, scroll down for a nice big discount on any Sinclair pattern! 

So these are the first leggings I ever made, though not the first pants ever. Years ago I made one and a half pair of whatever-pants - one is a nice home lounging pants 'til now, the other never got used as it turned out too small (I call it a half because I never finished it).

What you'll get when buying the Penny Leggings* As normal for leggings this pattern is for knits and it comes in sizes XS up to XXL.

This pattern doesn't have the usual front and back view. …

Spring Sewing a Bell Sleeve Top (Ellie & Mac pattern)

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A new top made out of beautiful soft fabric was just what I needed. Add bell sleeves and a lot of lace and it becomes my new favourite garment.

This post is part of the Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour, which is hosted by Seams Sew LoEllie and Mac* were so kind to let us choose a pattern. They also offer 35% off all their sewing patterns and as another bonus there is a giveaway - check it out below!

Spring stands for everything new and here I am finally actually thinking about my life and planning my future.
While I had fun with my few sewing projects last year it is time for me to get my game on. I want to evolve my style and focus on projects that fit this using fabrics that I won't regret using.

But enough of this, you sure want to see what I made:

The pattern  I used the Women's Bell Sleeve Dress Pattern* by Ellie and Mac. Again, this was kindly gifted to me as part of the blog tour.  You'll get one file with all the words and the pattern itself. I l…

New year new sew: My Dirndl-style inspired Orla Dress

I did it again - I made another Orla Dress!

Aaand welcome everyone to the new year. Starting it with a new sew seems apposite. That's why this post is part of the January Sewing By Ti Blog Tour (more on that below)!

But wait, Minn, this pattern isn't new to you!?

Well, yes dear. Last summer I made this cute knit kitty knitty Orla Dress.

So what is new here?
This is my first woven dressMy first zipperMy first (handstitched) blind hemMy first (kind-of-a) selfmade Dirndl - though not a "real" one; I'll explain below at "The inspiration"My first garment where everything went as planned, I made no mistake (not one seam unpicked!), the fit is exactly as I want it to and it is in general just awesome

The inspiration I desperately needed a new dirndl. If you've never heard of that, it's a traditional dress, a type of so called "Tracht"-garments. There are some events in Austria where girls do not wear anything else than a traditional costume. I…

Sewing the Lou Box Dress 2 (Sew DIY Pattern)

Do you love drapey fabrics? Loose fit but a defined waist? Maybe even a low back?
Then this dress might be the one for you!

(There is a discount until Jan. 9th if you need any more reasons)

Lovely Beth from Sew DIY gave me the opportunity to test one of her two new patterns, the Lou Box Dress 2
This dress is loose-fitting but with a gathered waist. It features a ballet neckline, scoop pockets, dolman sleeves and a knee length skirt. Two different views expand the possiblities: either three-quarter length sleeves or - which I made - full-length tapered sleeves and a low scoop back. 
The Lou Box Dress 2 can be made with knits and woven fabrics, the instructions are included for both! 

The pattern The pattern is very beginner-friendly. Due to the loose fit you don't need to expect many fitting adjustments. I made a size S bodice and graded up to M at the hip. The gathered waist uses an elastic band and every step is very well described in the instructions.  In generell the instruct…

Sewing Greenstyle Creations' Green Tee

Last summer I sewed this Green Tee by Greenstyle Creations. Sorry it took me so long to finally make photos and show you! 

The pattern The Green Tee is a basic t-shirt sewing pattern. It has options for a v- or scoop neck, is short sleeved and semi-fitted.  Attention please: Join GC's Facebook group page to get the pattern for free! Otherwise it would cost $10,- but you better spend that money on another pattern, right? As a bonus you can find a lot of inspirational posts as well as all the help you need in that group. 

The pattern comes with excellent instructions. Although GC gives this pattern away for free, they had the same dedication to provide great instructions as they do with their other, not free patterns. Even the steps for the v-neck are so well explained, I (who had never done a v-neck before) did not have to look for extra help on how to make it! Please take a moment here to appreciate that. 
Okay, next thing, the sizing. To be honest, I do think it is correct and go…

DIY easy fabric covered pattern weights

My sewing life is just so much easier since I use pattern weights.

Honestly, if you don't own them yet, you have to go immediately and grab some.
But there's no need to spend a lot of money on them. And no need to take a lot of time for this project.

Which is exactly why this is such a short post. Instead of wasting another precious 10 minutes of your life reading another unnecessarily long blogpost, go ahead and JUST - DO - IT !

Also yes, there are quite some similar posts about this idea out there. But I find that some things just can't be told enough, especially if they make life so much easier as this. So feel free to skip this, but if you are late to the pattern-weight-party (as I am!) and haven't heard about them yet, this may be just right for you.

Materials needed for DIY fabric covered pattern weightsBig washers - and I mean really big. Talking about 6 or 8 cm diameter.
Or go through your household stuff and see if you find something else, that will work. It ha…

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

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Today is the end of our Seamingly Smitten Catherine Poncho Blog Tour. All the ponchos look so lovely and our special gift for you is still available!

For our tour Seamingly Smitten* offers a 40% discount, which is valid until December 17th (2017)! They have a lot of great looking patterns. The poncho comes in 3 versions (Women's version*, girl's version* or MOMMY and ME version*). Don't forget to add the code PONCHOTOUR to your order to get the 40% off!

Now let's finally take a look at my poncho:

I usually prefer close-fitting tops and I never liked those cowl necked RTW shirts that are sold by the big companies. They just were not flattering on me. But lately I have seen a lot of ponchos and I wanted to try one. After seeing some Catherine Ponchos sewn up by others, I knew this pattern could be the one.

The Pattern I have never sewn a poncho. I have never sewn a hoodie. This pattern is great as a first-ever.
I had no problems with printing and assemb…